Friday, October 15, 2010

Just a Dish Towel

I attended a pre-Christmas party last night. The purpose of the event was to provide an idea for keeping Christmas costs to a minimum this year. There were some incredible things shared and I'll reveal more as time goes by.

Today I want to share the gift idea that impressed me the most.

Sitting on the kitchen counter was a new, red dish towel tied with a ribbon and bit of Christmas holly. A tag was attached with a message for the recipient.

I was moved to tears. The poem that was attached to the towel referenced some wonderful things that a towel could be used for.  I remember it spoke of drying the tears of a child with the towel, or sharing dish washing duties with a loved one.  I honestly cannot recall the entire tag but I do remember that it mentioned, above all other uses, the use of a towel after the Savior washed His apostles' feet.

Washing feet as an act of service is an activity near and dear to my heart.  During the first weeks of dating my husband, I would meet him at his apartment after work and care for his feet. I would wash them, towel them dry, anoint them with healing oils and bandage them. It was a special time for us.  I fell in love at his feet.

I had never "put two and two together".

I have avoided giving dish towels as a gift before. It was a gift I have wanted to give but felt that I was "being cheap". I will never, never feel that way again. If I was not exposing the secret here - I would be giving a Dish Towel to everyone I know!

While preparing this post and being unable to find the text that was on the tag last night - I did find another blogger who added additional depth to the story: Dish Towel, Judi Ann's Nook.  I think that her post would provide the perfect addition to the gift of a dish towel for Christmas.

Tie it with a beautiful ribbon and adorn with holly leaves and berries.

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